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Johnny B Street Cream 

is a pliable, fibrous cream designed to add thickness and a matte finish to full heads of hair. This quality water-based pomade provides volume to texturized haircuts, especially after blow-drying.


  • Fibrous Texture

  • Excellent for Creating Volume

  • Molds Any Hair

Sizes & Pricing

  • 2.25 oz       $13.00

  • 4.5 oz         $17.00

Johnny B. Molding Paste

has a natural shine with heavy-duty hold to give you a clean, classy look. This quality water-based paste accentuates hair texture to create any edgy hairstyle. For the rocker in you.


  • Holds Any Style

  • Creates Definition and Accentuates Hair Texture

  • Water-Soluble

Sizes & Pricing

  • 2.25 oz     $13.00

  • 4.5 oz       $17.00

Johnny B. Original Pomade

has light hold and heavy shine.  This is Johnny B.’s first product ever created!  This quality oil-based pomade uses snow-white petrolatum to give ultimate shine without dissolving and is ideal for buzz cuts.  For the dapper in you.



  • Adds Shine

  • Easy to Wash Out

    • Never Sticky

Sizes & Pricing

  • 2.25 oz      $13.00

Johnny B. Xtra Hold Pomade

contains beeswax to give superior hold and moisture to all hair types.  This quality oil-based pomade is ideal for flat tops, crew cuts, short fades, or a simple shoe polish finish.


  • Superior Hold and Moisture for All Hair Types

  • Great for Fades

  • Anti-Humectant

Sizes & Pricing

  • 2.25 oz       $13.00

Johnny B. Clash

Inspired by the creativity, style and rock ‘n’ roll musical history of London, Johnny B. CLASH Hair Fixative is not afraid to get rough. Its distinct texture gives you the ability to groom your own bespoke hair experience without cocktailing it with other products. This all-in-one power player combines the features of a pomade, wax, and clay, resulting in a classic finish with heavy hold.


  • Styles Tight

  • Heavy Hold

  • Clean Feel

Sizes & Pricing

  • 2.05 oz    $20.00

Johnny B. DOPE

is best described as a “texture gel” that holds like a gel but is pliable like pomade. The 90′s generation product originally made in 1997 is now back!! Enjoy!


  • Brilliant Shine

  • Pliable Hold

  • Water Soluble

Sizes & Pricing

  • 4 oz    $17.00

Johnny B. Gel (super hold)

is a styling gel that provides long-lasting super hold without any flaking.  This hydrating gel is great for all hair types and even gives volume to fine hair.  Easy to wash out and is never sticky, greasy, or oily.  Johnny B. Gel is a versatile grooming product perfect for everyday use or any special occasion. 


  • No Flaking

  • Alcohol-Free

  • Cutting Lotion

Sizes & Pricing 

  • 8 oz          $15.00

Johnny B. Mode (medium hold)

Designed differently from any other gel, its unique structure makes any style possible to create!  This powerful gel gives you the control and muscle to tame difficult hair.  Mode contains a non-alcoholic formula with high viscosity that works great for medium to thick hair and is easy to rinse out.


  • Medium Hold

  • Intensely Thick

  • Alcohol-Free Gel

Sizes & Pricing

  • 8 oz         $15.00

Johnny B. Smooth

is formulated to give you a creamy styling lotion with hold, but no build-up.  It is like gel and mousse in one bottle.  Makes styling hair easy…great on thin, fine hair.  


  • Half Gel & Half Mousse

  • Makes Hair Thicker

  • Light Hold

Sizes & Pricing

  • 8 oz        $16.00

Johnny B. Fuddy

Providing incredible hold with a unique matte finish, Johnny B. Fuddy is perfect for a modern look.  Created from a blend of our most popular products.  It is incredibly thick, dries quickly, and has a very strong, yet easy to wash out, hold!



  • Take Control Gel

  • All Day Hold

  • Alcohol-Free

Sizes & Pricing 

  • 4 oz      $14.00

Johnny B. GO

Style your hair with ease using Johnny B. GO Texture Cream.  If you’re tired of gel and unfamiliar with pomades, GO Texture Cream is definitely for you!  Whatever style you’re in the mood for, GO will create it.  GO gives you flexibility with maximum hold.


  • Humidity-Resistant

  • Dries Quickly

  • Feels Weightless

Sizes & Pricing

  • 4 oz     $14.00

Johnny B. GEM Dry Oil Micro Mist

is an ultra-lightweight, quick-absorbing shine spray that imparts the hair with a mirror-like finish. It is not oily or heavy on the hair. It can be applied straight to the hair or on the brush before styling.


  • Lightweight formula

  • Perfect for tight cuts

  • Gives amazing shine

Sizes & Pricing

  • 5.5 oz     $16.00

Johnny B. All Over Shampoo

is the most luxurious shampoo a man can use.  Suitable for all hair types, its woodsy scent invigorates body and mind!  Developed with a deodorant to absorb bad odors throughout the day, it is sure to keep you fresh all over.



  • Energizing Shampoo and Body Wash

  • Hair Volumizer

  • Great Lather and Refreshing Scent

Sizes & Pricing

  • 8 oz       $16.00

Johnny B. GROW Shampoo

contains plant based extracts that deeply cleanse the scalp.  By removing impurities from the hair bulb, hair growth can continue unimpeded.  Made with ingredients such as ginkgo biloba and grape seed extract.

This shampoo is recommended for all men looking to keep hair optimally healthy and strong.


  • Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Loaded with Antioxidants

  • Fuller and Thicker Hair

Sizes & Pricing 

  • 8 oz       $18.00

Johnny B. Shampoo Paste

invigorates and refreshes as it deeply cleanses.  It is even designed with a favorable dose of cinnamon oil and menthol to stimulate the scalp.  Additionally, Johnny B. Shampoo Paste is your answer to a smooth shave!


  • Excellent for Shaving

  • Deep-Cleansing Shampoo with Zinc

  • Contains Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Menthol oils

Sizes & Pricing

  • 4 oz    $16.00

Johnny B Conditional

Groom healthy, shiny hair using Johnny B. Conditional. This special formula contains Jojoba for treating dryness, Amino Acids for shine, and Hops for thicker looking hair. For all hair types.


  • Jojoba for Treating Dryness

  • Amino Acids for Shine

  • Hops for Improving Hair Thickness

Sizes & Pricing 

  • 4 oz    $16.00

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                      takes no responsibility or claim for these descriptions.


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